Understand which ad creatives
perform best on your website!

Connecting the ad creative and landing page performance is key to optimize media spend.

Become ROAS-centric for your creative
performance and website conversions

Take ad creatives as key assets and optimize the performance.

Identify which creatives perform best on your website

Understand how your creatives perform not only in paid media but also on your website. Performance of creatives needs to be measured on your digital storefront.

Measures creative performance along the customer journey

Paid media visuals and performance need to be connected to landing page visuals and performance. Paid media reporting does not use website data such as Google Analytics. So, you get a precise reporting to improve your impression to conversion ratio. Experience shows that end-to-end analytics often change your insights significantly.

Start being ROI/ROAS-centric, focus on final creative performance

Final ad creative performance needs to be measured on  on your digital storefront outcomes consistently. Reduce wasted ad spend and increase ad creative efficacy.

Get a Holistic View On Your Creative Performance Outside the Paid Media Data Silo

Bring together marketing, website and other data sources to get a comprehensive understanding how your media spend performs. Use embedded business intelligence functionality to draw conclusions and share insights.