All Data On One Screen - Any Size!

Big data makes it difficult to keep the overview - we have a way to change this



See The Forest For The Trees

Spreadsheets are perfect with small data, with big data call us to keep the overview



When data sets don't fit into your spreadsheet, we have a self-service solution

Spreadsheets like MS Excel are widely used as they serve as flexible data source, analytics tool and as quick data viewer. However, when data gets big and complex, spreadsheets become slow, confusing and finally break down with very large data.

Here is what you get:

     Codeless data base access with read and write mode, easy to learn in minutes

     No need to ask IT or any data service to run your data environment

     All data on one screen super simple and intuitive to browse with light speed

     Browser-based data access - accessing your data from any place, any time

     Sharing data with other parties using an acccess management in your control

Have all information at your fingertips - Accessing data independent of software engeneering.

We believe in a world of no-code and low-code. With more software and digital solution, more technology and data is thrown at people. But most people run businesses and not software systems. In order to increase confidence with handling large data sets, people need access to their data independend of software engineering.

Here are typical client use cases we came across:

     Bill-of-material handling and management

     Omni-channel sales with multiple storefronts and fulfillment options

     Online and performance marketing reporting and analytics

     Master data management und correction

     Data science and analytics cases

Using In-Memory and Scalable Cloud Technology

Large data sets are better handled using in-memory technology. As many users have limited capacity on their machines, we provide a fully elastic cloud solution de-bottlenecking their individual hardware restrictions.

No need to buy new equipment. AnySizeView scales with your requirements flexibly. You pay only what you need.

AnySizeView connects to multiple data sources. With our partner network we can connect to over 600 data sources. Multiple data sources will be handled by you just by a few clicks - no code required.




The Secret Sauce of Handling Large Data Sets

Most business data is generated by transaction systems such as ERP systems. To handle this data it is stored in a row-based structure which is optimal for machines, but nor for humans.

In row-based structures the relevant information is in the column. For human data processing it is much better to have the relevant information in the row. So, therefore we simply switch this and can bring all data on one secreen.

With this approach AnySizeView can bring literally millions of data lines on one screen.



Explore Data of Any Size on Your Screen

Do no limit yourself by spreasheet capacities or the computer power of your hardware.


Easily Connect to More than 600 Data Sources

We offer over 600 off-the-shelf connectors to apps and data sources.


Fully Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Big data harware requirements scale with your needs - you pay only what you need.


No Code Data Management - Just Click

Access, handling and administering data is done by just a few clicks - no more SQL statements.


Embedded Analytics To Gain Immediate Insights

A suite of analytics functions is already embedded similar to what you find in spreadsheets.


Data Cleansing - Correct What You See Is Not Right

Correct, modify, adjust or transform all data as in your spreadsheet - all in your control.

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